Restoration Section 7: Killamarsh East

Regaining the Original Line

The Killamarsh East restoration section extends from Nethermoor Lake to Norwood Bridge near the foot of the Norwood Flight.

The section commences at the Nethermoor Lake moorings. The new route leaves the eastern side of the lake via short length of new cut. This passes under Barber's Lane Bridge (No.28), a new minor road bridge, before reaching the bottom of the Moorhouse Flight. The flight raises the canal from Nethermoor Lake back to the original line of the canal.

The Moorhouse Flight consists of six locks; A five-rise group followed by a short pound and then a single lock at the point where the new route re-joins the original canal line. The junction will be adjacent to the site of Ellison's Cottages (now on the edge of Norwood Industrial Estate).

The Moorhouse Flight is located in the Rother Valley Country Park and has the potential to be additional tourist attraction. It will be a striking and very prominent feature which will provide striking views over the southern end of the Park, while the operation of locks, especially those as intricate as this flight, provides a constant source of entertainment to onlookers. With that in mind particular attention is being paid to accessibility, quality of materials and appearance and the integration of the site into the wider landscape in the design process.

From the outset it is envisaged that back-pumping will be required on the flight. A small pumphouse is located at the foot of the flight adjacent to Barber's Lane. This will potentially be an attractive structure and could double as a visitor orientation point, ice cream kiosk, lock keepers office and/or maintenance workers bothy.

A foot and cycleway bridge over the tail of the uppermost lock (Moorhouse Junction Lock) and the short pound will connect the original towpath line to the new towpath.

From Moorhouse Junction southwards the original canal will be reinstated and a winding hole constructed at the southern end adjacent to Primrose Lane. This arm will be used for low key moorings (the Primrose Lane Moorings) and as partially off-line nature reserve.

From Moorhouse Junction northwards the section from Ellison's Cottages to Rotherham Road (A618) past Norwood Colliery Wharf (intact and partially restored) will be dredged and rewatered. At present the canal channel contains some partially-watered lengths with considerable biodiversity and ecological value. These lengths are not currently managed and there is evidence that they are gradually drying out (only half the water area mapped in 1980 remains).

Restoration will restore the lost open water area by dredging. In order to retain the current biodiversity shallow water off-line reserves will be created and the areas of off-bank reedswamp extended with reed shelves.

Between Ellison's Cottages to the Norwood End stop plank narrows there are several areas of irregular off-bank flooding due to mining subsidence. These will be retained, enlarged and separated from the main channel by a shallow bund with waterflow regulated by buried pipes and silt screens. Some of the flora from the main channel dredging will be transplanted to the new ponds. These Norwood End or Gannow side-ponds will form an off-line reserve with clear water conditions which will enable the re-colonisation of the main channel following repeated dredging.

Between the Norwood End stop plank narrows and Rotherham Road Bridge new reed shelves on the off-bank will be created wherever possible. Attention will also be paid the renovation and public interpretation of the Norwood Colliery Wharf.

By Rotherham Road the canal is running in a shallow cutting. The new bridge (on the site of Gannow Lane Bridge No.29) will require only a modest increase in the road level to achieve a navigable height passage under the A618. Fortunately the sight lines here are excellent and there are no side turnings in the area of the works.

The Rotherham Road Bridge will permit reconnection with the in-water section which runs eastwards from the road, under the grade 2 listed Norwood Bridge, to the foot of the Norwood Flight. This section is silted in places but otherwise retains water. Immediately south of Norwood Bridge is the (unmarked) boundary where the canal passes from Derbyshire into South Yorkshire (Rotherham MBC).

Section Seven nominally ends at Norwood Bridge. Norwood Bridge is included in Section Eight as it is the first significant heritage feature of the main Norwood Lock Flight group.

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