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Our detailed plans for closing the eastern half of the restoration gap are summarised in Next Navigation East: Restoration of the Chesterfield Canal from Killamarsh to Kiveton Park.

Parts One and Two of this report outlines the aims and background of the project and presents a summary of the key proposals.

Part Three sets out the case for restoration, the benefits which it would bring and the capability of the project supporters to deliver the proposals.

Parts Four to Eight review our knowledge of the current condition of all aspects of the environment of the proposed canal route. It examines population and communities, landscape character, underlying geology, geomorphology & soils, hydrology, ecology, archaeology and built heritage. In so doing it analyses the potential impact of the reinstatement of the Chesterfield Canal upon the environment in the widest sense. Collectively these chapters provide a "statement of resource" for the Killamarsh to Kiveton Park section of the Chesterfield Canal.

Part Nine sets out the Conservation Management Strategy for the Killamarsh to Kiveton Park section. The CMS outlines the guiding principles which govern the design and implementation of the restoration and reinstatement works.

Parts Ten to Seventeen describe the key design elements such as the canal channel, bridged, locks and water management structures. Analysis of historic structures is used to develop design guides for the restoration or construction of individual structural elements.

Parts Eighteen to Twenty-Two outlines the design for each section of the restoration. This takes into account the heritage, ecology, engineering and community requirements to produce, as far as is possible at this stage, an integrated vision for the restoration or reconstruction of each section.

Parts Twenty-Three to Twenty-Six set out how the proposals can be delivered. Part Twenty-Three examines the ways in which the project is currently engaging communities and explores how these will grow.

Part Twenty-Four examines the management of the project during restoration and once it is restored.

Part Twenty-Five outlines the revised project budget which reflects increased understanding of the key challenges.

Part Twenty-Six provides an action plan intended to culminate in the delivery of the project. Clear objectives and outcomes for each stage are identified.

Part Twenty-Seven provides a glossary to support the previous parts, together with a collated reference list.

Note that Next Navigation East is intended to be a living document. Each Part or Chapter will be renewed and updated as new information becomes available. For that reason each part is numbered independently.

The report can be downloaded by using the links below. For the full contents of each chapter of the report please see the report contents here.

Implementing the Restoration Proposals

Supplementary Information

Large Scale Fold Outs Plans

Proposed Route from Killamarsh to Kiveton Park

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