Operation of the Chesterfield Canal Partnership


The Chesterfield Canal Partnership is a cross regional advisory partnership. It consists of a membership drawn from the statutory, non-statutory and voluntary bodies who have an interest in the restoration and development of the Chesterfield Canal.

All members of the Partnership are represented at a senior level on the Executive Steering Group. This group consists of Local Members (councillors) and senior offices from each organisation. The ESG meets four times a year and sets out the broad strategy and policy of the Partnership. The ESG approves the CCP work programme and budget.

The Partnership is chaired on a two year rotating cycle by a councillor from one of the member local authorities. The Vice-Chair is appointed for the same period and is usually expected to become the Chair at the end of two years when a new Vice-Chair is appointed.

Reporting to the ESG is a Technical Officers Group (TOG). The TOG consists of officers drawn from the Partnership Members who are directly involved in the delivery of the work of the Partnership. The Technical Officers Group is the delivery mechanism for the strategy and policy decided by the ESG. The Chair of the TOG is a senior council officer usually drawn from the same authority as the Chair.

In addition the Partnership establishes, from time to time, special interest, working or Sub-Groups to deliver particular studies or project elements. These have specific remits set by the Technical Officers Group and are dissolved as the completion of the project they were set up to accomplish. At present there is a Joint Restoration-Works Sub-Group largely focussing on projects at Renishaw and Staveley, a Delivery Framework Sub-Group examining the best mechanisms for delivering the project and a Hollingwood Sub-Group overseeing the reconstruction and development of Hollingwood Lock House.

Work Programme

The Partnerships' Work Programme is set by the Executive Steering Group is response to the recommendations of the Development Manager and the Technical Officers Group.


The Chesterfield Canal Partnership employs two staff – A full time Development Manager and a part time Administrative Assistant. Both are embedded in Derbyshire County Council for the purposes of administration, salaries and support.

The Chesterfield Canal Partnership Development Manager is responsible for all aspects of the delivery of the CCP Work Programme. The Development manager reports to the Executive Steering Group, the Technical Officers Group and a line manager within Derbyshire County Council.

The CCP Administrative Assistant support the work of the Partnership and reports to the Development Manager.


The operation of the Partnership is supported by financial contributions or technical contributions in kind from each of the Partner organisations. The budget is administered through Derbyshire County Council and managed by the Canal Partnership Development Manager.

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