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HS2 - What you can do

25 November, 2013 at 11:15 AM

Not surprisingly, we have been inundated with members and supporters asking “What can we do about the threat from HS2?” The answer is "You can help by responding to the official HS2 Consultation". This will close on 31st January 2014.

You can see the official HS2 Consultation website by clicking here.

The proposed HS2 route lies directly on top of the restoration route of the canal for 800 metres at Renishaw and for 1200 metres, in a cutting, at Killamarsh. In addition, the links to the proposed HS2 Infrastructure Maintenance Depot at Staveley would cut through the canal’s route at three points, including Staveley Puddle Bank. For maps of these areas, click here.

The Chesterfield Canal Partnership and Derbyshire County Council will be submitting detailed engineering information. The Canal & River Trust are also in dialogue with HS2 on our behalf. However it is vital that the Government understands the depth of feeling amongst the public that the restoration of the canal must not be blocked by HS2.

We ask you therefore to respond to the consultation by demanding that a route for the canal is built into the plans.

You can respond online; click here and then click on the second line for the online response form. Where it asks whether you are responding on your own behalf, or on behalf of an organisation or group, please click "Providing my own response". The Trustees will be submitting a formal response on behalf of the Chesterfield Canal Trust.

There are nine questions altogether. You do not have to answer any, if you don't want to. It is fine to leave them blank.

The important bit is Question 4 - The route and supporting infrastructure. All you need to write here is that you disagree with the proposed route of HS2 where it lies on the restoration route of the Chesterfield Canal at Renishaw and Killamarsh. You could also say that you disagree with the proposed link to the Staveley Infrastructure Maintenance Depot where it lies on the restoration route of the Chesterfield Canal. Anything else is up to you.


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