Staveley Town Basin

Staveley Town Basin is a new canal wharf which forms the centre piece of the imaginative redevelopment of the Chesterfield Canal in Staveley.

The basin and associated facilities lie between Hall Lane Bridge and the Staveley Northern Loop Road Bridge and occupy the low ground between the new canal route and the road embankment.

The basin will provide facilities to enable the economic development of the isolated section in advance of full restoration. It will provide secure short and long term moorings, slipway, car parking, cycle racks, toilets and showers as well as a large open play area which can also be used for major waterway events and festivals.

In the future the area around the basin will be developed with small business start-up units targeted at waterways related enterprises. The units are to be built through an innovative educational partnership.

The basin is created by a widening of the canal and as planned is roughly 65 m long and 45 wide – about half the size of the basins at Shireoaks and West Stockwith on the British Waterways owned section of the canal.

Immediately adjacent to the basin will be Staveley Town Lock. A traditionally styled bridge over the lock tail (Staveley Town Bridge No.12a) connects the waterside and landward sides of the site.

Road access into the site will be from Eckington Road. A well screened spur road will lead to a small car parking area, a boat craning area and the slipway, all on the east bank. The lock tail bridge leads to the western or basin side and additional parking. Continuity of the Trans Pennine Trail and the Cuckoo Way will be maintained by a foot, cycle and horse route around the edge of the site.

Heritage materials and styles appropriate to the canal vernacular will be employed wherever possible.

The project was originated by the Partnership and is being designed and project managed by the Land Reclamation Section, Consultancy and Contracting, Derbyshire County Council. Funding for the basin is being provide by the European Regional Development Fund through the East Midlands Development Agency. Further "in kind" match funding is provided by the volunteers of the Chesterfield Canal Trust Restoration Work Party and the Waterway Recovery Group.

At present the CCT and WRG are constructing the wash walls on the link between the in-water section at Mill Green and the new basin. Once that is completed the CCT, with WRG support, will commence work on Staveley Town Lock. The Canal Trust has an on going appeal to fund the lock's construction (for more information click here)

Construction of the basin is anticipated to commence in October 2010.


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