Moorings & Marina Development

In order to increase access to the water without damage to the existing habitats of the canal it is essential that new "off-line" moorings are created along the waterway. These new water spaces provide the locations for the development of new water based businesses to the benefit of local communities.

Marina Development on the Canal between Shireoaks and West Stockwith

A report commissioned fro independent consultants by the Partnership on the potential for the development of new marinas on the British Waterways owned and operated canal between Shireoaks and West Stockwith is in preparation. The initial results show that there is considerable unmet demand for new mooring and marina space on the canal and that any new capacity would be rapidly occupied.

Several possible locations for new facilities have been identified and these are now being explored in greater detail.

The Partnership supports the development of these facilities as commercial public-private partnerships under the aegis of a commuity interest company. This would ensure that the site is developed to the benefit of local communities and that the majority of income generated would be reinvested in the upkeep and maintenance of the canal.

Marina Development on the Canal between Chesterfield and Staveley

The development of Staveley Town Basin will provide marina facilities on the currently isolated section and enable the development of day boat, canoe and cycle hire businesses.

Additional sites for Marina development have been identified and will be brought forward as restoration proceeds and demand increases.

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