Canal & River Trust

The Canal & River Trust owns and manages 32 miles of the navigable canal from West Stockwith to the eastern portal of the Norwood Tunnel near Kiveton, south of Rotherham. It is our job to maintain the canal so that it's unique character, historical features and wide range of wildlife can be enjoyed both on the water and from the towpath.

The Trust's role within the partnership is to support the development of the restoration programme. Support comes in the form of planning, engineering, operational, heritage and environmental advice. We also work with the other members of the partnership to deliver joint-funded projects that bring improvements to access and facilities which can sustain people's interest and ability to use the canal.

On a day-to-day basis the Chesterfield Canal is managed by a team of operational staff led by the Waterway Manager Sean McGinley. This team are responsible for maintaining water control, vegetation, operational signage, planned maintenance and repair and inspections of structures such as the bridges and locks. This team can be contacted for any concerns regarding any of these areas by telephoning 0303 040 4040.

In July 2012, the Chesterfield Canal transferred from British Waterways to the Canal & River Trust, a new charity set up to care for England and Wales' wonderful legacy of 200-year-old waterways, holding them in trust for the

nation forever. The Trust gives communities, organisations and individuals a greater role in the care of their local canals and rivers. At every level the Trust brings together passionate and committed volunteers with an expert and dedicated workforce. Our governance structure is outlined below.

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